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OHS01  Supervisor Safety Development Program (SSDP)

OHS02  Legal Liability for Executives

OHS03  Legal Liability for Supervisors and Management

OHS04  Legal Liability for Employees

OHS05  Construction Regulations (OHS Act)

OHS06  SHE Representative  (MHS Act)

OHS07  SHE Representative  (OHS Act)

OHS08  Root Cause Analysis (Incident Investigations)
OHS09  Planned Task Observations

OHS10  Planned Inspections

OHS11  Hazard Identification Risk Assessment  and   control                  for Management, Supervisor, and   Employees

OHS12  SHE Principles for Employees

OHS13  Safety Coaching for Supervisors

OHS14  Training Management for Line Supervisors

OHS15  “The game” – Safety skills and awareness for                            minors, plant operators and artisans

OHS16  SHE Induction for Employees and Contractors

OHS17  Introduction to Occupational Health and Hygiene

OHS18  Internal Auditors (OHSAS 18001, ISO 14000/9001)

OHS19  Emergency Preparedness

OHS20  Train the Trainer

OHS21  Understanding the requirements of OHSAS 18001

OHS22  Implementation of OHSAS 18001

OHS23  Lead Auditor in Occupational Health and Safety                          Management System

OHS24  First Aid Level 1 and Level 2  (DOL)

OHS25  Basic Fire Fighting

OHS26  Breathing Apparatus  Sets

OHS27  Working at Heights  / Fall Arrest (US 229999/229994)

OHS28  Compensation for Occupational Injuries  / Diseases

OHS29  Hot Work, Vessel Entry and Confined Spaces

OHS30  Scaffold Erecting / Inspector (US 263245)

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