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Route to Registration

Preparing for certification can be easier than you think.

How to get certified to an ISO standard.

Validate an ISOQAR Registered Certificate

Click the link to validate your certificate:

Terms and Conditions 

ALCUMUS ISOQAR Ltd Registered Number 02637608 (“ALCUMUS”) 

Rules of Registration to Supply Certification Services

Rules of Registration between Alcumus Holdings Limited (Alcumus ISOQAR) and the Client (organisations audited and certified by Alcumus ISOQAR).


Alcumus ISOQAR Ltd is the legal entity responsible for certification activities; reference to Alcumus ISOQAR in this Policy and Public Statement refers to this legal entity.

Client Logo Rules

Use of the ALCUMUS ISOQAR Logo, UKAS Symbol and the Notified Body (CE) Identification Number

IAF Rules and Guidelines- International Accreditation Forum

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